5S ribosomal RNA is an integral component of the large subunit of all cytoplasmic and most organellar ribosomes. Its small size and association with ribosomal as well as non-ribosomal proteins made it an ideal model RNA molecule for studies of RNA structure and RNA-protein interactions.

The purpose of this database is to provide information on nucleotide sequences of 5S rRNAs and their genes. 2016 version of the database is on-line (link below).


The most recent citation for the database is:
Maciej Szymanski, Andrzej Zielezinski, Jan Barciszewski, Volker A. Erdmann and Wojciech M. Karlowski "5SRNAdb: an information resource for 5S ribosomal RNAs" (2016) Nucleic Acids Res. 44: D180-183.

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